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Laminated Glass

Descrição de Produto

Descrição de Produto

1. Safety. Even if the glass is broken, the tough interlayer film prevents fragments from shattering. 2. Discoloration resistance. It intercepts 99% or more of incoming ultraviolet rays, protecting furniture and furnishings near windows from discoloration caused by exposure to direct sunlight. 3. Good sound insulation. 4. In addition to clear PVB, we can also provide various colors to meet different requirements. Specifications:
Thickness: 3+0.38+3mm, 4+0.38+4mm, 5+0.38+5mm, 6+0.76+6mm, 8+0.76+8mm, 10+0.76+10mm, etc. Sizes: Max. Size: 2440x3660mm, can be cut as customers' request.
1. Sloped or overhead glazing 2. Museums, prisons, government buildings 3. Jewelry stores, banks, airports 4. Schools, hospitals, hotels 5. Interior partitions, office buildings 6. Safety glazing applications

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