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Portable 1211 Fire Extinguisher

Descrição de Produto

Descrição de Produto

This product is a high effective fire retardant with both aromatic bromine and aliphatic bromine. It has excellent heat and light stability. Because of its suitable melting point. It can firstly be melted to be uniform dispersion under nonmal temperature for plastic processing and can be easier to melt ang mix with plastic without the phenomenon of substance stratified and separated out. The effect is quite clear when it is used in PP plastic(generally, adding3-8% fire retardant and 1.5% antimony trioxide into PP plastic can made the product meet the stipulations of UL94-VOstandard. And it is the best fire retardant for PP plastic). Decabromodipheny ether or pentabromotoluene fire retardant with high melt point can be added into other plastics, such as PE, ABS and PS, to be the carrier or disintegrating agent for other high melt point fire retardant and stibium oxide.

Appearance White or light yellow powder
Melting Point() 105-110
Weight loss(%) 0.3max
Decomposition Temperature() 285min
Bromine Content(%) 67 (min)
H. S. No: 29091900

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