Huzhou Nanzhu Granular Feed Additive Factory

Fabricante / fornecedor de Aditivo Alimentar, Alimentar Fichário, Pellet Fichário na China.

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O binder de Pelotas (PMC)

Quantidade Mínima: 18 Toneladas
Condições de Pagamento: LC, T/T

Descrição de Produto

Informação Básica
  • Tipo : Processamento Alimentar e Agente de Preservação
  • Forma : Ração em Pó
  • Principais Nutrientes : Alimentação de Preparação
  • Função : Preservativo de Alimentação Animal
Descrição de Produto

Main Features:
1. Add about 0.2- 0.5% of the products to the feed, after granulation can generate strong water resistance, making the particles feed achieve expansion but not scattered in the water more than 3-12 hours, maintain the nutritional content of feed with no loss, reduce waste and keep down the feed cost.
2. Palatability, fish, shrimp and crab show normal digestion after ingestion.
3. Easy to operate, applied to variety of granular-feed pellets, can be input to ingredients directly, granulation immediately after mix with steam or water.
4. This product can maintain the original flavor of feed, quality assurance to reduce the feed coefficient, is an important guarantee of production high quality feed.
5. Safety and non-toxic, consistent with national health standards, reduce water pollution.

Huzhou Nanzhu Granular Feed Additive Factory
Zhejiang , China
Conta Registrada em : 2012
Tipo de Negócio : Fabricante/fábrica

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