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Manípulo de bolachas de processo

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Endereço: Plot # 30, Street # 5, Heshun Town,Nanhai Area, Foshan, Guangdong, China
Tipo de Negócio: Fabricante / Fábrica
Escala de Negócios: Metalúrgica, Mineral Energia
introdução da companhia: Fanghuatech Limited, registered in Hong Kong and China, has been engaged in research, manufacturing and trading of photovoltaic products many years, and established partnership with many famous photovoltaic companies in the world and has its unique supply channels, trade solar silicon wafer, solar panel as well as solar application system. The company also develops and manufactures its own solar products, a whole set silicon wafer packing PFA carrier, handle, retainer for delivering and cleaning silicon wafers, to safely protect and transport fragile silicon wafer, which are used widely for round silicon wafers with different market sizes 1.5inch, 2.0inch, 2.5inch, 3inch, 82mm, 4inch, 103mm, 5inch, 6inch, and some can be used for PS (square) wafers.

Fanghuatech initiates to invite experienced technical experts, introduce high precision facilities (including 12 production lines of molding, extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, etc. ), adhering to the advanced operation tenet of "People Oriented & Continual Innovation", and lofty processing state-of-the-art, as well as adopt ISO9002 international standard for production and quality control. The natural PFA material is always originally imported from Japan, and can withstand high working temperature up to 250 degree centigrade minimum.

Fanghuatech is to satisfy all customers through quality products, dedication to service and mutual benefits. Profession, particularity, faithfulness and mutual-benefit are our development guidelines.
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Fanghuatech Limited

Guangdong, China

Última Data de Login: Feb 16, 2009

Tipo de Negócio: Fabricante / Fábrica

Produtos Principais: Process Wafer Carrier, Silicon Wafer Carrier, Pfa Wafer Carrier

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