Suzhou Gafen Plastic Co., Ltd.

Fabricante / fornecedor de PVC, Grânulos de Pvc, Espuma de PE na China.

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Polietileno/PEAD (VS-80/VS-90/VS-105/VT-105/VD-105)

Quantidade Mínima: 10 Toneladas
Condições de Pagamento: LC, T/T
Capacidade de Produção: 10000 Tons/Year
Embalagem: [Inner] Polyethylene Film [Outer] Brown Paper

Descrição de Produto

Informação Básica
  • N ° de Modelo: VS-80/VS-90/VS-105/VT-105/VD-105
  • Material : PVC
Informação Adicional.
  • Trademark: GAFEN PLASTIC
  • Packing: [Inner] Polyethylene Film [Outer] Brown Paper
  • Standard: 25kg/bag
  • Origin: Suzhou
  • Production Capacity: 10000 Tons/Year
Descrição de Produto

Series of automobile wire compound, based on material of PVC resin, added with plasticizer, Environment friendly stabilizing agent, modifying agent and other special additives, is processed by mixing, plasticizing and pelleting.
This product adopts environment friendly compound design, which makes it better thermal tolerance, solvent resistance, and oil resistance. The superior extrusion processing technic assures the surface of extrudate fine and Smooth.
It meets RoHS directive and also effectively control of six limited harmful substances, such as lead etc.

Code Description Use
VS-80 80ºC insulation PVC for automotive thin-walled wire comply with standards of JIS C3406,JASO D611-94,SAE J1128 and other similar standards
VS-90 Environmental 90ºC insulation PVC for automotive wire  apply to thin-walled low-voltage insulating wire which meetJapanese environmental protection standards of JASO D611. Wire in small size can pass scratch-resistant test of ISO6722 standards.
VS-105 105ºC insulation PVC for automotive thin-walled wire comply with standards of DIN 72551,VW60306-2005,LV112 and other similar standards
VT-105 Environmental 105ºC insulation PVC for automotive wire  comply with German standards of 105ºC level, French standards of T2 level, and national industry standards of QVR-105 level
VD-105 Environmental 105ºCinsulation soft PVC for automotive wire  apply to automobile battery wire of 105ºC level
Typical properties
NO. Project name Unit VS-80 VS-90 VS-105 VT-105 VD-105
1 Tensile strength≥ Mpa 18 16 18 16 16
2 Breaking elongation≥ % 200 150 250 150 180
3 Thermal deformation≤ % 30 40 30   30
4 Impact embrittlement temperature ºC -20 -20 -25 -20 -25
5 Thermal stability time(200ºC)≥ min 120 80 200 80 80
6 Dielectric strength≥ MV/m   20   20  
7 Thermal aging(IEC) ºC*day 121*7 120*7 136*7 135*7 135*7
Tensile strength after aging MPa   16   16 16
Tensile strength rate after aging≥ % 85 ±25 80 ±25 ±25
Breaking elongation after aging %   150   150 150
Breaking elongation rate after aging≥ % 65 ±25 80 ±25 ±25
8 Thermal aging(IEC) ºC*day       125*10
Tensile strength after aging %       16
Breaking elongation rate after aging≥ %       150
Quality loss mg/cm2       2
9 Oil resistant test(IRM902,50ºC*24h)
Tensile strength rate≥ %   ±25   ±25 ±25
 Breaking elongation rate %   ±25   ±25 ±25
10 Hardness ShoreA 92±3   95±3    
Suzhou Gafen Plastic Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu , China
Conta Registrada em : 2011
Tipo de Negócio : Fabricante/fábrica, Empresa Comercial, Outro

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