Coletes à prova de bala

Capacidade de Produção: 10000PCS/Month
Coletes à prova de bala

Descrição de Produto

Descrição de Produto

Lighweight & high performance
PE UD ballistic system (or Aramid fiber)
NIJ 0101.06 level III+,
At least against 6 shots of one of below:
7.62x39mm MSC ball @ 715m/s
7.62x51mm NATO ball @ 847m/s
5.56x45mm M193 @ 990m/s
.44Magnum SJHP 240gr. @ 436m/s
9mm FMJ RN 124gr. @ 436m/s
OPTIONAL for level IV or IIIA only
-Front opening system
-Double stitching system. MOLLE system optional
-Fixed or removable shoulders, neck, collar and groin protection
-Front and back hard armor plate pockets
-Adjustable shoulder, sides and connect with Nylon velco
-Protect front, back, sides, shoulder, neck, collar & grion with the level IIIA
-Protect front chest and back with the level III+ with the hard armor plates
-1000D Nylon Cordura® Or similar outer carry fabric with water resistant
-Ployster mesh or lightweight Nylon liner with coolmax function or by order
-Washable outer carry, removable ballistic panels
-S, M, L, XL & XXL size available according to EUR sizing
-Color: Camouflage woodland, desert, ACU, Navy Blue, Kachi, Tan, UN blue, OD green, Black or by order.
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