UL Approval Silicone Rubber Drum Heater (20L, 200L, etc)

Digitar: Inoxidável Equipamento de aquecimento de aço
Size: 250× 1740
Temperature Control: 30~15degree
Volt/Power: 200V 2000W
Principle: Recuperative Heat Exchanger
Structure Material: Metal Material

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N ° de Modelo.
silicone rubber drum Heater (20L, 200L, ect)
Ceramic Heating Equipment Type
Ceramic Electric Heater
Recuperative Heat Exchanger Type
Immersive Snake Tube Heat Exchanger
Alloy Wire
Heat Transfer Surface
Mixing Heat Exchanger Type
Pacote de Transporte
Marca Registrada
Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Código HS
Capacidade de Produção
5000000000 Piece/Pieces Per Month

Descrição de Produto

UL approval silicone rubber drum Heater (20L, 200L, etc):
UL Approval Silicone Rubber Drum Heater (20L, 200L, etc)

General Description:

It is beneficial to take out liquid and coagulum in drums easily by heating, such as adhesive, oil, asphalt, paint, paraffin wax, oil and various resin raw materials. It can make viscosity of materials descend uniformly by heating the drum, and reduce the power of pump.

Product specification

The heater adopts the Nichrome wire or stainless steel as heating wire, surrounding with the fiberglass cover. The wire is of a small diameter, and is placed into two slices of fiberglass weavings.

In order to install easily, the heater is equipped with springs to connect its two ends. Besides, the springs can help the heater to cling on the drum surface.

A temperature sensor was installed on the surface, so that the temperature can be directly controlled by user. It adjusts the temperature from 30 to 150 degree. Therefore, the heater can be used throughout the year, any season.

1, temperature control accurately
2, heating fast, evenly
3, use conveniently
4, warranty: One year

Drum Heater
200 liter
Drum Heater
20 liter
Drum Heater
200 liter
Size250× 1740200× 860125× 1740
Content200V 2000W200V 800W200V 1000W
Temperature Control30~15degree
Weightabout: 1.5kgabout: 0.5kgabout: 0.8kg

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