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Fabricante / fornecedor de Congelador, Congelador Espiral, Congelador de Túnel na China.

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Espiral IQF freezer

Quantidade Mínima: 1 unit
Condições de Pagamento: LC, T/T

Descrição de Produto

Descrição de Produto

IQF spiral freezer, IQF freezer, freezing equipment features:
1) Capacity: 500kg/h - 6000kg/h
2) Products: Seafood, meat, poultry, bun, ready to cook food;
3)Spiral freezer can freeze large quantity products in less space, especially for products needed long holding time such as meats;
4)Based on your site space, you can use single drum or double drum;
5)Spiral freezer is wildly used in all kinds of products;
6)The belt with side guard made of SS304-durability, hygiene, cleanness;
7)Special Drum Structure-strong, easy cleaning, running smoothly, whole or cut to half, third, or quarter for shipping;
8)U. H. M. W plastic strip, wheels and rollers;
9)Modular insulated stainless steel floor with short wall, are all welded seamless, thus reducing the risk of moisture and product debris penetrating into the enclosure. No floor sinking;
10)Modular designed and pre-assembled before delivery. The modules are fit for container, truck or train, quick installation at job site-save time and money;
11)Belt cleaner and dryer device;
12)We can provide relay control, PLC control or touch screen control;
13)Modular insulated stainless steel floor with short wall, are all welded seamless. No floor sinking. Sandwich panel cabinet is filled with foamed PU;
14)Aluminum pipe evaporators are anticorrosive and high pressure proof can prolong the service life;
15)Special liquid supply way (in the direction contrary to air cycle), increase the evaporating area, improve the heat exchange efficiency, reduce power consumption;
16)Spacious space inside quick freezer for easy maintenance, less loss of air pressure cycle, air uniform, low consumption and high quality of products freezing;
17)Stainless steel waterproof electrical control box. It can control all fans and drive motor, including main electrical switch, indicating lights for motor control, transmission speed, air temperature inside the quick freezer and the displaying evaporating temperature;
18)Different Gaps between fins. From air inlet to outlet, the gap between fins gradually become more and more narrow so as to prolong continuous working period and increase heat exchange area;
19)Support frame and protective board are made of SUS304stainless steel, between the net belt and support frame is polyethylene plastic which has long service life for its abrasion proof;
20)PLC Security Alert Control System. Encounter dangerous situations alarm will shut down to ensure the safety and avoid accidents;
21)Module designed and pre-assembled before delivery. The modules are fit for container, truck and train, and it can be installed within one week for customer at local worksite;
22)Design with electrical heat fuse, the door can be opened easily when production begins or an accident happens.

Nantong Sinrofreeze Equipment Co., Ltd.
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